Gambia Participates is a non-profit civil society organization in The Gambia that is well known for advocating and supporting fiscal transparency, elections, and anti-corruption initiatives in The Gambia and as well outside The Gambia.

Since 2017, the organization has been consistently involved in supporting fiscal transparency, participation and accountability initiatives in The Gambia. Gambia Participates contributed immensely towards improving The Gambia’s fiscal transparency performance by supporting and advocating for the publication of key budget documents that were not made available to the public on time (for example, the Executive Budget Proposal). Gambia Participates’ political status is neutral and not involved in any political activities, directly or indirectly.

Gambia Participates equally focuses on curbing corruption by fostering anti-corruption ingenuities in the Gambia. Gambia Participates leverages on modern digital tools and other methods to track the expenditures of the government, and to engage people on these expenditures.

External Audit of Accounts for Financial Year 2023
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