Gambia Participates is a civil society organisation in The Gambia founded at the brink of the 2016 presidential election, which was arguably the most critical election the nation had ever held. Our primary purpose at that time was to encourage the citizens to vote in the election, in the face of intimidation, fear and uncertainty. A very high voter participation rate saw the end of the country’s twenty-two year old dictatorship and kleptocracy.

Since then, we have worked on numerous projects around Fiscal Transparency, Anti-Corruption, Elections, Strategic Litigation, Advocacy, Access to Information and Research.

A significant part of our work in Fiscal Transparency is conducting budget research for The Gambia under the Open Budget Survey. We use this information to help government institutions improve public finance management and also promote transparency and public participation in the budget process. We also provide pro bono technical support to government institutions and legislators.

Some of our big projects include Know Your Budget, Follow The Money and Marble. You can read more about them in the Projects page.