Marble Project (up to phase III)

Seeking ways to make election information as accessible as possible, we partnered with Assutech, a Gambian software development company, to develop The Gambia’s first election app, the Marble app. The Marble app allowed Gambians everywhere including the diaspora and election observers to receive election results and other key election information in real time. Votes were counted on the spot at each polling station and the results were fed into the app as soon as they were verified by the IEC. The User Interface is friendly, making the features easy to use and the data easy to understand. The app is a very convenient alternative to the traditional method, where each family gathered around their TV with notepads and a pencil to write down the number of votes as they were being announced. The app features all the political parties and all four of the state/government elections held in The Gambia. It also has other features like polling station navigation, access to voter education messaging (including our animation videos), an “I Voted” sticker for voters to share, and a feedback form. It was downloaded by roughly 30,000 people during the 2016 election period!

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Banjul, The Gambia