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Ahead of the May 2023 Mayoral and Chairmanship elections, GP deployed 207 domestic observers to observe the long- and short-term election activities for the Mayoral/Chairmanship Elections in The Gambia, which took place on May 20th, 2023. The organization recognized the importance of credible elections and employed modern approaches and technology to enhance its election monitoring efforts. Gambia Participates deployed 53 trained and accredited long-term observers covering all the 53 constituencies in the country, monitoring and reporting on the pre-election environment. On election day, GP deployed 154 trained short-term observers to observe the conduct of the polls from: opening, set-up, voting, closing, and vote collation. The May 20 election closed the 2021-2023 election cycle of The Gambia. This election cycle saw an improved election administration by the IEC, though with more room for improvement which could be addressed by the Elections Bill 2020 and administrative reforms by the IEC. The 2021-2023 election cycle also registered increased citizen interest in election participation, with only lower voter turnout in the April 2023 Councilor Elections. If there is anything that the 2021-2023 election cycle has taught us, is the fact that, no political party or elected representative should be comfortable on their seats as citizens have used their votes to hold their leaders accountable, by voting many of those out of office.