Programs Officer

Fanta Sanneh

Fanta Sanneh is a Programs Officer at Gambia Participates, where she plays a vital role in coordinating various initiatives focused on countering public sector corruption and promoting legal advocacy on anti-corruption reform. Specifically, Fanta oversees the Legal Research and Public Interest Litigation (PIL) programs at Gambia Participates, ensuring their effective implementation. Fanta has successfully facilitated the implementation of significant projects within her role, such as the Implementing Anti-Corruption Treaties & Standards (IMPACTS) project and the Strengthening Accountability amongst Civil Society Network (SANCUS). Through these projects, she has demonstrated her commitment to fostering transparency, accountability, and good governance. Aside from her professional achievements, Fanta possesses a strong passion for research and enjoys delving into a wide range of topics. Her curiosity drives her to extensively read and stay updated on various subjects. She holds a degree in Law and she is currently on her second degree in Development Studies.